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Empowering Operators


The ability to view and edit source code empowers you, the operator to:

Customize the AI algorithms and solutions to your specific needs. Many resort and casino have unique characteristics, target audiences, and operational challenges. You can modify and adapt the algorithms to address your particular requirements. For example, you can edit the source code to fine-tune the AI models and algorithms to better predict guest preferences based on your specific customer demographics. This level of customization enables you to modify and create your own AI solutions that are tailored to your business.

To innovate and experiment with AI. You can use the AI source code as a foundation to build upon and develop new features or functionalities that are specific to your business needs. For example, you can create custom AI modules for targeted marketing campaigns or personalized guest experiences. By having the flexibility to modify and extend the AI tools, you can drive innovation and differentiation in your offerings, staying ahead of the competition, without having to pay for expensive and closed proprietary analytical tools.

Integrate the AI source code seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows. You can modify the code to ensure smooth integration with customer relationship management platforms, or marketing automation tools. This capability complements and enhances your existing processes, rather than being a standalone algorithm.

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