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Open Source AI: The Key to Trust and Transparency in Gaming

May 28, 2024


Following this year’s the Indian Gaming Association (IGA) annual event in Anaheim CA, Brian Wyman of The Innovation Group published an event summary where he noted Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining traction in gaming.  Brian summarized over a half-dozen interviews where authentic concern was expressed about the “distrust of machines making decisions”.  Fair enough. A fundamental reason for this distrust is that casino operators have no insight into what AI algorithms are doing; or even if the AI algorithms exist. 

This lack of trust in AI is fueled by examples like those being experienced in the  financial services sector. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC ) has coined the term “AI washing” to describe deceptive practices where firms embellish and exaggerate about their use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capabilities to attract investors by creating a false sense of innovation.  On March 18, 2024, the SEC charged two investment advisors, Delphia (USA) Inc. and Global Predictions Inc., with making false and misleading statements regarding their use of AI, where both companies’ websites and marketing materials claimed to use AI to more effectively invest consumer savings.  After the SEC obtained each company’s source code and reviewed it, they found no AI algorithms.  A common thread in every SEC “AI Washing” prosecutions is that the software is proprietary.  There is no AI transparency with proprietary software.  More prosecutions are imminent.

There is no SEC for the gaming industry. By default, operators are the SEC. But operators lack the SEC’s resources.  So what can operators do to gain trust in AI, and as a result more readily adopt and leverage AI’s advantages? One solution is to use more Open Source AI Software.  By using Open Source AI Software, operators can view and edit the source code, make as many copies as desired, integrate the algorithms into information systems and more.  This transparency enables operators to verify and validate the numbers and output produced by algorithms, rather than just be informed of the result.  Open Source AI Software provides the ultimate transparency. And with transparency comes trust. And trust enables AI to be more readily adopted. 

thinkingGraphs embraces the spirit of Open Source Software, by providing casino operators the AI source code, free documentation, free training and free lifetime software updates for a range of AI algorithms customized for enhancing casino operations. Being able to read, edit an learn from the source code removes the veil of mystery associated with AI algorithms; revealing that they are not magical. Powerful, but not magical.